To the communities we serve,

These have been especially difficult weeks for the nation, our team and our guests. Just as the pandemic and economic crisis have taken a physical and emotional toll on our communities, so too have systemic racism and repeated incidents of injustice in America. As we continue to navigate the current landscape, change begins with each of us committing to doing more to support our black team members and guests, and our community at large.

At MAPCO, our culture of TRUST is rooted in putting team members and guests first by demonstrating understanding and empathy for all. By doing this, we both acknowledge and celebrate our differences, knowing they make us better together.

Our MAPCO family has come together during COVID-19 and two devastating tornados just this year, and with that same endurance, we remain committed to do our part in the communities we serve.

By coming together, we can support change in our country. I look forward to joining hands with each of you as we strive to be better.


Frederic Chaveyriat