Pump Up the Savings

MAPCO Better Debit

Link your bank account in the MAPCO app and save 5¢* per gallon at the pump!


How it Works

1. Download the MAPCO App

If you don't already have the MAPCO App, download it in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.



2. Enroll in MAPCO Better Debit

Launch the app. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right. Under Account, click Payment, click Add. Click Add MAPCO Better Debit and follow the directions to set up your payment method.

3. Pay at the Pump

Buy fuel at the pump using the MAPCO App. Press the Pay button on the home screen, select AT PUMP, enter the pump # you are using. Select MAPCO Better Debit as the method of payment.

4. Select how much fuel you want

Select how many gallons you would like to pump or choose "Fill Up". Press Authorize. Answer the question on the pump asking if you would like to apply your 3¢ MY Reward$ fuel discount to the transaction.

5. Enjoy your additional savings!

An additional 2¢* discount will be applied when the Better Debit payment is processed and you are emailed a receipt.

*NOTE:  Registered MY Reward$ Guests will receive 3¢ off per gallon at the pump from MAPCO MY Reward$ Everyday Discount. An additional 2¢ discount will be applied when the Better Debit payment is processed.

MAPCO Better Debit FAQs